Multifunction Wardrobe :shanghai by Julia Subbotina

Julia Subbotina Presents The Shanghai Multifunction Wardrobe

Julia Subbotina, the thinktank behind the award winning design Multifunction wardrobe by Julia Subbotina spells out, “Shanghai” multifunctional wardrobe. Frontage pattern and laconic form act as a “decorative wall”, and this makes it possibl <Cropped>

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Promotional Key Visual:stone Hand by Suigeneris Barcelona

Suigeneris Barcelona Shares The Stone Hand Promotional Key Visual

Suigeneris Barcelona, the lead designer of the highlighted work Promotional key visual:Stone hand by Suigeneris Barcelona explains, The challenge of creating a single image with very high-impact-level but at the same time communicate the benefits of <Cropped>

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Sustainable Design Award

The a' Design Green Design Award Is Open For Submissions For Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design

A’ Design Award & Competition announces open for the entries of the Green Design Awards. The purpose of Green Design Award is to highlight and promote the most interesting, best, and brightest green design projects worldwide. Original design i <Cropped>

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Thesaurus by Amarist Studio

Amarist Studio Exhibits The Thesaurus Console Table

Amarist Studio, the project leader of the displayed design Award Winning Thesaurus Console Table says, Thesaurus is a symbiosis between Nature and Jewelry, materialized into a one of a kind piece of furniture. Passion and craftsmanship are united to <Cropped>

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Award Winning Tango Tote Two Handbag

Anne-Christin Schmitt Discloses The Tango Tote Two Handbag

Anne-Christin Schmitt, the maker of the highlighted project handbag:Tango Tote Two by Anne-Christin Schmitt explains, Tango Tote Two - what is special about this bag is the shiny relief structure, which decorate the surface of front and back and form <Cropped>

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Taiko-En-Japanese Shrine by Atsuhiko Sugiyama

Atsuhiko Sugiyama Discloses The Taiko-En Japanese Shrine

Atsuhiko Sugiyama, the author of the awarded project Atsuhiko Sugiyama's Taiko-En Japanese Shrine points out, A Japanese shrine. The traditional Japanese wedding is said to be performed in front of the ancestors, and has been practiced since the <Cropped>

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Tea Gift Set by Brielle Wilson

Brielle Wilson Shows The Bigelow Tea Rebrand Tea Gift Set

Brielle Wilson, the designer of the awarded work Tea Gift Set by Brielle Wilson explicates, 2013 marked the 68th anniversary for the Connecticut based specialty tea company Bigelow Tea Company. To commemorate this landmark, my assignment was to reinv <Cropped>

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Little Star by Zuzana Mantel

Zuzana Mantel Portrays The Little Star Glass Mosaics Light Object

Zuzana Mantel, the designer of the highlighted work Glass mosaics light object by Zuzana Mantel points out, Design is inspired by rays of light of star in night sky, cycle SPACE/Comet. Source of ideas come from Quantum physics, space, astronomy and <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Exploded Cinema Cinema

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Exploded Cinema Cinema

The maker of the highlighted design Exploded Cinema by Acclaimed Designer points out, Trips to cinemas left the movie-goers contended with dazzles. While audiences are watching film in auditorium, they could let their imagination run wild. Especially <Cropped>

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Xin Sgcq Hotpot-Logo and Vi by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Xin Sgcq Hotpot Logo and Vi

The creative mind behind the award winning design Acclaimed Designer's XIN SGCQ Hotpot Logo and VI points out, XIN SGCQ Hotpot is a famous catering brand that has already experienced two decades of development. The client considered the existing <Cropped>

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