Private Retreat Possibility by Caramel Architekten

Caramel Architekten Presents The Home Made Private Retreat Possibility

Caramel Architekten, the author of the award winning project Award Winning HOME MADE private retreat possibility illustrates, For the Architecture Biennale in Venice, Caramel’s task was to design a ‘refugee camp’, using a vacant office building <Cropped>

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Award Winning Two in One Chair

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Two in One Chair

The designer of the displayed project Two in One by Acclaimed Designer explicates, I think that the combination of the jewelry from plastic and plywood (wood) is very perspective. The basis of the idea and construction of this chair is arc-horseshoe. <Cropped>

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Wooden Cushion Sofa:wood Stick Sofa by Jeong Kyu Park

Jeong Kyu Park Reveals The Wood Stick Sofa Wooden Cushion Sofa

Jeong Kyu Park, the author of the awarded design Wood Stick Sofa by Jeong Kyu Park demonstrates, A wooden bench and a cushion sofa are common in our lives.They have emotional warmth from the wooden material and comfortableness of cushion. But we can <Cropped>

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Elephant Design Pvt Ltd 's Daily Breads Packaging Design System

Elephant Design Pvt Ltd Exhibits The Daily Breads Packaging Design System

ELEPHANT DESIGN PVT LTD , the lead designer of the highlighted project Packaging design system by ELEPHANT DESIGN PVT LTD illustrates, We devised a way to weave the product window with the story we were telling on that pack. This enabled us to make e <Cropped>

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Xit-Transforming Bag For Sitting by Ching-Wen Chang

Ching-Wen Chang Illustrates The Xit Transforming Bag For Sitting

Ching-Wen Chang, the author of the displayed project Transforming Bag for Sitting by Ching-Wen Chang demonstrates, Xit is a portable transforming bag for sitting, designed for everyday use, especially in situations where a temporary seat is needed. I <Cropped>

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Award Winning Timeless "black and White" Collection

Arosha Rosenberger Illustrates The Timeless "black and White" Collection

Arosha Rosenberger, the creative mind behind the displayed project Timeless "Black and White" - Collection by Arosha Rosenberger illustrates, The exclusive fashion label "Tuschimo" with the designer Arosha Rosenberger focuses not <Cropped>

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Studio Andre Verroken's "triangles in (e)motion" Dining Table

Studio Andre Verroken Shares The "triangles in (e)motion" Dining Table

Studio ANDRE VERROKEN, the lead designer of the displayed project "Triangles in (E)motion" - Dining Table by Studio ANDRE VERROKEN illustrates, the tables "Carrousel" & "Cathedral" are the continuation of my story <Cropped>

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Multi-Function Modular Furniture:bojo by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Bojo Multi-Function Modular Furniture

The creator of the highlighted project Bojo - Multi-function modular furniture by Acclaimed Designer spells out, 120x120 cm plywood boards locked in place using CNC cut special slots. They can provide within seconds different compositions, suitable f <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's 7 Stick Chewing Gum

Acclaimed Designer Shows The 7 Stick Chewing Gum

The creator of the award winning work CHEWING GUM by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, Brave packaging strategies and communication strategies were needed to be developed for the chewing-gum category- our start point for 7 stick. We designed a young, f <Cropped>

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Award Winning Onsen Papawaqa Hotspring Hotel

Tang-Huang Cheng Exhibits The Onsen Papawaqa Hotspring Hotel

Tang-Huang Cheng, the project leader of the displayed design Onsen Papawaqa by Tang-Huang Cheng illustrates, Often times, nature’s blueprint is subverted when man’s design comes to take place, particularly with constructions of massive proportion <Cropped>

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