Award Winning Museum Salon Hair Salon

Chan Sau Cheuk Shares The Museum Salon Hair Salon

Chan Sau Cheuk, the project leader of the displayed project Museum Salon by Chan Sau Cheuk says, This salon is located in art hub, when refined leisure with core concept of art and community in Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou. It offers up-market hair <Cropped>

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Led Pendant Lamp by E.k E.k Presents The Stratas.07 Led Pendant Lamp E.k , the lead designer of the highlighted project Stratas.07 - LED Pendant Lamp by E.k points out, With high-standard processing and excellence in every detail we strive t <Cropped>

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Coffee Table:infinity by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Infinity Coffee Table

The maker of the awarded work Acclaimed Designer's Infinity Coffee table illustrates, Personifying the symbol of perpetuity into a sensationally sculptural magnum opus, Infinity designer table collection by Stefano Bigi for Porada adapts both th <Cropped>

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Light Tree-Floor Lamp by Marco Giovannangeli

Marco Giovannangeli Shares The Light Tree Floor Lamp

Marco Giovannangeli, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Light Tree - Floor Lamp by Marco Giovannangeli explicates, This tall aluminum floor lamp features five vertical pipes of different height with two junctions, allowing each pipe to rota <Cropped>

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Stemware:rendezvous by Cliff Shin

Cliff Shin Reveals The Rendezvous Stemware

Cliff Shin, the designer of the awarded work Rendezvous by Cliff Shin spells out, This stemware is elegant enough to be a formal event and practical enough to engage delight conversation in the event while one hand holding a stemware and food plate. <Cropped>

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Bluetooth Earphones and Speaker At Once by Siwon Kim

Siwon Kim Portrays The Beetle Bluetooth Earphones and Speaker At Once

Siwon Kim, the creative mind behind the displayed design Bluetooth earphones and speaker at once by Siwon Kim demonstrates, Beetle is the new way for people who want to enjoy music wherever they're. It's all in one design that consists of t <Cropped>

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Ring:infinite Series by Soomeenhahm Design

Soomeenhahm Design Designs The Infinite Series Ring

SoomeenHahm Design, the maker of the awarded work INFINITE SERIES by SoomeenHahm Design demonstrates, The ring is consist of several continuous stream or seam lines flowing over the entire ring from front to back, from inside and outside, folded and <Cropped>

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Joao O & Rita Machado's Treeplets Public Leisure

Joao O & Rita Machado Designs The Treeplets Public Leisure

Joao O & Rita Machado, the architect of the awarded project Treeplets by Joao O & Rita Machado explains, This temporary bamboo structure is a public space intervention envisioned to fulfill three different possibilities of a future that are <Cropped>

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Eatwell by Sha Design Llc

Sha Design Llc Exhibits The Eatwell Assistive Tableware Set

Sha Design LLC, the maker of the highlighted design Assistive Tableware Set :Eatwell by Sha Design LLC explains, Eatwell is a set of dishware that makes eating easier for people with cognitive (such as Alzheimer's and other dementias), motor (Pa <Cropped>

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Goutaman Prathaban & Madhini Prathaban's Cream Affair Dessert Studio

Goutaman Prathaban & Madhini Prathaban Creates The Cream Affair Dessert Studio

Goutaman Prathaban & Madhini Prathaban, the project leader of the awarded design Dessert Studio by Goutaman Prathaban & Madhini Prathaban demonstrates, An ice cream parlor has been renovated with utmost care and unparalleled flair! Sitting on <Cropped>

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