Cosmetics Packaging by Marta Gintere

Marta Gintere Demonstrates The Cosmetics Line "restoring" Cosmetics Packaging

Marta Gintere, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Cosmetics Packaging:Cosmetics Line "Restoring" by Marta Gintere illustrates, As a result of a collaboration with Dzintars Ltd, a packaging design proposal has been formed for th <Cropped>

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Stationary Kit:office On The Go by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Creates The Office On The Go Stationary Kit

Hakan Gürsu, the author of the award winning project Stationary Kit:Office on the Go by Hakan Gürsu points out, Fitting the essential elements of office environment in a small space, Office on the Go presents a compact office utensils kit that come <Cropped>

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Zigpack by Xavier Bernis Diaz

Xavier Bernis Diaz Shares The Zigpack Packaging & Advertising Support

XAVIER BERNIS DIAZ, the author of the awarded design ZIGPACK - PACKAGING & ADVERTISING SUPPORT by XAVIER BERNIS DIAZ explicates, ZigPack cardboard packaging for carrying bottles without hiding the product, the bottle is still the star and its c <Cropped>

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Lay's Summer Days Ltd Edition Packaging-Food Packaging by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Presents The Lay's Summer Days Ltd Edition Packaging Food Packaging

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the designer of the displayed design Lay's Summer Days Ltd Edition Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation points out, PepsiCo set out to embrace its distinction as the planet’s most popular snack brand wi <Cropped>

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Flat Villa by Tina Sheng and Li Yue

Tina Sheng and Li Yue Spotlights The Beijing Jinmao Residence Flat Villa

Tina Sheng and Li Yue, the maker of the awarded design Award Winning Beijing Jinmao Residence Flat Villa points out, This flat villa is rightly located at the continuously extended central axis during the process of urbanization. The customer, at the <Cropped>

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Chiayun Hu's Woven Sculpture Menswear

Chiayun Hu Shows The Woven Sculpture Menswear

ChiaYun Hu, the lead designer of the displayed work Menswear by ChiaYun Hu explains, Woven sculpture is a fully hand-made menswear outfit or it can be considered as a new way to manufacturing garments. Starting from the big interest in architecture, <Cropped>

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Watch by Federico Restrepo

Federico Restrepo Designs The Aquasphere For Technomarine Watch

Federico Restrepo, the creative mind behind the awarded project AQUASPHERE FOR TECHNOMARINE by Federico Restrepo spells out, Inspired by the beaches of Saint-Tropez,designed by a multi talented designer Federico Restrepo choosen by Jacques Philippe <Cropped>

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365 Day Design Challenge

The Challenge Aims to Destroy Those Creative Blocks That Every Designer Face to Build On Their Creativity

The challenge aims to destroy those creative blocks that every designer face to build on their creativity..

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Vital by Evinoks Design Team

Evinoks Design Team Illustrates The Vital Modular Buffet

Evinoks Design Team, the creator of the award winning work Modular Buffet:VITAL by Evinoks Design Team says, Vital Buffet Series offer a mobile, modular and hygienic solution for food service. Product group consists of carrying tables and buffets. Bu <Cropped>

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Vito Noto Industrial Design's Piro Bioethanol Fireplace

Vito Noto Industrial Design Creates The Piro Bioethanol Fireplace

Vito Noto Industrial Design, the creator of the displayed project Bioethanol fireplace by Vito Noto Industrial Design explicates, Piro; a furniture design component for warm and comfortable moments, inside or outside places. It's a pleasant fire <Cropped>

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